Bruin Impact Challenge Event: Social Impact Ideas 101

Bruin Impact Challenge Event: Social Impact Ideas 101


UPDATE: Workshop will now

be held online via Zoom only!


Short Talk and Q&A

Hands-On Workshop



Monday, November 15th

2:30PM – 4PM



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Learn from leaders in social impact, get support developing your Challenge proposal and pitch, and meet like-minded students working on similar things!

Guest Speaker

Hear from Bruin Student-Athlete and Founder of Be11eve Brand, Chase Griffin, about how he’s using strategic giving partnerships to deliver social impact, as well as his experience using innovative paths to support economic development projects.


How do you know if your idea is worth pursuing? What are the first steps in taking an IDEA to Launch? In this workshop, led by Social Impact Strategist & UCLA Venture Consultant, Rachael Parker-Chavez, you’ll learn how to define and validate the problem you’re trying to solve and human-centered approaches to uncover the feasibility, viability and desirability of your idea to ensure the results are positive for the people and places you’re hoping to impact. Learning these tools will help you best articulate your validation plan in your proposal and pitch.

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