UCLA Entrepreneurship Mixer & Forum

UCLA Entrepreneurship Mixer & Forum!!!!

Are you interested in Entrepreneurship here at UCLA?

Do you have an idea or want to learn more about what organizations and competitions there are here at UCLA?

Then come to the UCLA Entrepreneurship Mixer & Forum!!


DATE: Wednesday January 23rd

TIME: 5:00pm to 8:00pm


Similar to a career fair, at this mixer you have the opportunity to meet startup teams at UCLA and learn about their project. Teams are looking for partners to enter into one of the many competitions available to UCLA students. These include:

ITA’s Student Entrepreneurship Venture Competition: http://www.ita.ucla.edu/competition

Anderson’s Knapp Competition: www.knappcomp.com

BSC Venture Team Competition:

Southern California FLoW Competition: http://flow.caltech.edu/

To request a booth:

To advertise your idea and look for possible teammates

Email Schaffer Grimm – sgrimm@ita.ucla.edu

To attend the event:

Register using the Eventbrite link: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/5197090638

There will be food and soft drinks available.

This is a great opportunity to learn about the Entrepreneurship resources available here at UCLA and maybe even become part of a team.

One day that team could become its own company!!!

Brought to you by:

Institute for Technology Advancement  www.ita.ucla.edu

Startup UCLA www.startupucla.com

Anderson Entrepreneur Association http://www.entrepreneurassociation.net/

Technical Entrepreneurship Community www.tecbruins.org

Business of Science Center www.bsc.ucla.edu

Knapp Competition  www.knappcomp.com