Internship at WebiTap, Inc.

Here at WebiTap, Inc. we are developing exciting new technologies that will help us bridge the gap between our virtual and physical worlds. We are looking to push the boundaries of cloud computing, near field communication technologies, while exploring and integrating new mobile payment solutions. Our products and services will provide businesses powerful new tools to engage their customers in an interactive manner. You can watch a video preview of our concepts at:

We are a funded Los Angeles based start-up company in its early stages and are looking to build a team with the following experience/skills:

– Java, HTML5, J-query, C++, MySQL, PHP, etc.
– Android, iOS platform including iPhone and iPad
– Backend cloud based infrastructures
– Experience with database schema design and SQL queries
– Enthusiasm to learn new technologies,
– Strong communication and interpersonal skill
– Able to participate in white-board sessions, create technical specifications, and debate technical tradeoffs

If you are interested in an internship position or are looking for an exciting start-up to join we have many positions available. We will begin interviewing immediately. Contact us at
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Awesome concept

April 18, 2012

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