Internship at TeamSQR

TeamSQR, a Santa Monica-based startup founded by a Bruin alum (Class of 2002), is offering a paid marketing internship for Spring Quarter to support it’s product launch at Pink Taco in the Century City Mall + Westwood businesses. We combine cooperation and competition by pitching “teams of Facebook” friends against each other to win real prizes (bottle service, gift cards, etc) during month-long “challenges” at local businesses. The teams that go the most get the most points and win the prizes.

You will have primary responsibility for developing and implementing customer acquisition strategies for teamSQR both on- and off-campus. We need to get as many people as possible to these early events and you’re going to be a key part of making that happen. You’ll probably also be going to events to help checkin people on iPads and make sure everything runs smoothly.

We’re not looking for any prior experience in sales, marketing or startups…just people who are energetic, excited and willing to work hard. You should also be outgoing and into Facebook (and social media generally) because people signup and invite people to join their teamSQR teams using Facebook.

You can send a resume to (never hurts) but we’d rather have you just write a few sentences or maybe a paragraph about why you’re applying for the internship and how you can help us quickly build a user base at UCLA (i.e. are you already part of groups/social networks on campus that you can easily tap into?) or get local businesses on board with teamSQR (maybe you already work at BrewCo or BJs?).

Rock on!

– The teamSQR Team

PS – We’re also looking for a front-end designer/developer with kickass HTML 5, CSS and mobile skills.