Workshop: Kickstarter

Are you interested in crowdfunding?

Do you want to launch a successful Kickstarter campaign?

Learn the ins and outs of how to create and run a successful Kickstarter in this workshop with Clarissa Redwine and Matthew Austin.

Clarissa Redwine is Kickstarter’s Design & Technology Outreach Lead for the west coast. She travels up and down the coast in search of innovators, creators, and makers who can leverage the powerful community and storytelling tool of Kickstarter to bring creative projects to life.

Matthew Austin, president of Mirror Box Games, has previously worked on two Kickstarter projects that have raised a total of $249,000.

This workshop will teach you what makes Kickstarter unique as a fundraising platform, how to build an attractive Kickstarter page, and what you can do to launch with momentum and build success through engaging with the Kickstarter community.

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