Whim (Mobile App) Hiring Full-Stack Software Engineer for 2014 Winter, Spring, Summer, and Beyond

The ProductWhim is a mobile app that sends users out on a date TONIGHT. We’re accelerating getting to the in-person part of forming a relationship, while minimizing the work, effort, screen-time, and build-up required by other mobile dating platforms.  See angel.co/whim-dating-app for more info about our product.


The Opportunity:  We are looking for a full-stack engineer eager to make a significant, long-lasting technical contribution to our team and product. Compensation can be course credit, cash and/or equity and is dependent on experience. Must be available to work at least 15 hours/week. Working from home is fine, but we expect you to meet occasionally in our Culver City office. Must be comfortable coding in Rails, Javascript, and HTML5. Experience with Backbone.js is a huge plus. If you’ve been looking to get involved with an early-stage Silicon Beach startup, this is a fantastic opportunity. If the internship goes well, you may be able to transition to full-time employment for the summer and/or upon graduation. Since we are looking for someone with long-term/full-time potential, juniors and seniors are preferred.


About us: The founders are Eve Peters and Jason Zhao, two former product and tech leads from OkCupid Labs in San Francisco. Eve, the CEO, holds a BA from Stanford and a JD from UC Berkeley. Jason, the technical lead, holds a BS in Computer Science from UCSD. You’ll work directly with the founders and be expected to attend investor pitches and VC meetings. Our office is in Culver City, though Jason telecommutes from San Francisco.


If interested, email Eve Peters (eve@dateonawhim.com). Introduce yourself and explain why you you would be great for this opportunity. Links to your GitHub, LinkedIn, or other evidence of coding ability are much appreciated.