The Los Angeles Coalition

The Los Angeles Coalition for the Economy & Jobs is an independent, bipartisan membership organization, established in 2009, to bring together top leaders from the business, labor, academic and nonprofit communities to develop and advance sound policy initiatives that will help to responsibly grow the economy and create quality jobs throughout the Los Angeles region.

To advance its mission, the L.A. Coalition leverages its membership network to better engage with public policymakers to help produce long-term economic and income growth and the jobs that come with it. This is accomplished through:

Research and Policy: The LA Coalition serves as a source of private sector expertise for its members, government officials, business executives, journalists, educators and students, civic and religious leaders, and other interested citizens in order to help them better understand the Los Angeles metropolitan economy and the public policy choices facing Los Angeles’ public officials.

Policy Innovation Memoranda: The LA Coalition targets critical regional problems where new, creative thinking is needed. Written for policymakers and opinion leaders, the memos aim to shape regional policy debate through rigorous analysis and specific recommendations.

Collaboration and Consensus: The LA Coalition helps build consensus around policy initiatives that contribute to a stronger, more vibrant regional economy.

Issues Advocacy: At City Hall, in Sacramento and in Washington, D.C., the LA Coalition provides a critical voice for issues that impact the economy and jobs.

The Coalition is looking for an intern who is willing to work to help develop a social media strategy that highlights the group’s research, public policy positions, economic development priorities and political trends in California. He/she will provide the Executive Director of the Coalition with strategic advice, project management, and recommendations for public policy initiatives. This position requires exceptional analytical and communication skills and the ability to work collegially and effectively with a diverse membership, other interest groups and advocates. A small stipend will be paid for a six month period.

Contact: Executive Director Michael Kelly (