Open Hack 2015: USC vs UCLA

We’d like to invite hackers, coders and newbies (that’s you, frosh / sophies) from USC and UCLA to compete in Open Hack 2015 . . . and to determine which school can hack the hardest.

The rules: participants must create an original, executable and relevant app, within 24 hours, that opens up our world: provides greater transparency, increases the sharing of information or opens social connections. Microsoft has become an incredibly open place and we want to share the experience with you – feel free to code on any platform or for any device. In addition, students can form teams of up to four, or, when you register we can assign you to a team. Microsoft’s best alumni from both schools will be on hand to run workshops and personally mentor students.

If you’re a business major interested in startups, or a freshman trying to learn the ropes, we will have the guidance, support and coaching you need to create a great app. And if you’re a veteran with an internship under your belt, this is your chance to show how ridiculously awesome your school is.

And there’s swag. From 9pm to 9am we will have the Twelve Hours of Giveaways, handing out XBOX ONEs, Surfaces, Bands, and onesies.

Date: 5pm Friday, January 30 @ 5:00pm, Saturday, January 31

Location: Microsoft, 13031 W. Jefferson Blvd, STE. 200, Los Angeles, CA 90094
(Need a ride? We got you. Shuttles will be running every 6 hours between our office and your campus, and there’s an enormous parking lot with free parking at the venue)

Platform: Open to you

To Register:

Teams: Of up to 4 can compete, and we have a match making system for those that don’t have a team

1. 2 day trip to Seattle with a visit to Microsoft headquarters
3. $250 to spend at any Microsoft Store
4. Pride.

Please Note: Food, giveaways, midnight surprises, late night games and an intense school rivalry are all a given.

Questions? Contact Dave Cotter,