Letsat.com Paid Internship

We’re building a great iPhone app that helps people find an adventure, big or small. Let’s At helps users make that happen by letting them find and create activities that you won’t find anywhere else. We have angel investment and are being advised by legit people, including one of Whisper’s first advisors. We’re a small team - three people - and we’re working on something important in Downtown LA. If you want to learn about consumer apps and what it takes to make them successful, you should want to work for us 🙂

We’re hiring for a paid iOS app marketing intern. We’re looking for friendly, diligent, awesome people who want to help us launch our product. Your job will be multi-faceted but will revolve around marketing. Some of the things you will be working on include:

1) Approaching local businesses for strategic partnerships.
2) Working on our social media strat.
3) Figuring out ways to get users in our app.

You should be industrious, have good follow-through, and be able to deliver on what you say you’re going to do. We’re committed to diversity and encourage women to join technology companies like ours. It’s available for iPhone only at www.appstore.com/letsat or you can see our website at www.letsat.com

If you’re interested, please contact amit@letsat.com with your resume and a brief description of why you think you’d be right for this job!