Kindsstoff Internships

What kindsstoff is all about:
We solved the problem that kids’ grow and clothes don’t: To achieve this, we built a kids’ fashion label from scratch on the web and combined it with an innovative e-commerce platform that enables parents to send back their kids’ outgrown clothes in return for a discount on their next purchase. This means that we can’t only offer premium childrenswear at unbeatable prices (since we’re cutting out the middlemen) but also solve one of parents’ biggest problems when it comes to dressing their kids (and hereby drive customer loyalty).
Here’s an article on us that was recently published:

Applications should be sent to We’re looking for smart people that are motivated, committed, and have an entrepreneurial spirit. Ideal candidates have an interest in startups, fashion, and online business.

One of the challenges we are going to face over the next months (we are ‘live’ in Germany, the US will follow suit in 4-6 weeks) is building an online brand and driving traffic to our site. We’d thus love to hire a few capable interns for “(Online) Marketing/ PR” and “Business Development”. We also have opportunities for developers.

In return, we could provide students the following:
– real-world experience in working for an online startup (in e-commerce)

– experience working in an international environment, with former management consultants

– letters of reference

– opportunities to position themselves in fields such as Entrepreneurship, Fashion, Tech (e-commerce)

– insights and connections into LA’¢s entrepreneurial scene

– full-time job opportunities (in the mid-term)

Students that are interested can also check out our German website ( to get an idea of where we’re heading.