Holomic Seeking Software Engineers for Wireless Health


We are looking for talented software engineers to join our team. We are a young company working to bring the benefits of latest information technologies to improved healthcare of humans at home and around the world. To learn more about our groundbreaking technologies visit www.innovate.ee.ucla.edu and www.holomic.com.

Requirements? You have to be an enthusiastic and productive programmer, excellent with the tools you know and eager to learn new technologies. Mastery of C/C++ and good understanding of object-oriented programming, architecture, and software design are essential. We’d also love if you know Java, Android Image Processing, iOS, Linux, Windows, Javasript, Ruby on Rails,SQL, algorithm design, CUDA, and anything else, or some of it, the more the better.

Where and when? Our office is across the street from UCLA and we have a lab in the CNSI Incubator on the UCLA campus. We need you now but are willing to wait for you until you graduate this Spring with a BS or, preferably MS degree in CS, EE, or related fields; in any case, do contact us right away at career@holomic.com.