Caltech Entrepreneurs Forum: January 11



Saturday, January 11 @ Baxter Lecture Hall, Caltech from 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

Southern California’s startup community has come a long way, but has it fully emerged from the Bay Area’s shadow? Although companies, such as Cornerstone OnDemand, Snapchat and Maker Studios, grab headlines, the engine of this community is comprised of hundreds of entrepreneurs quietly building products and services that soon will disrupt established industries. A vibrant community of mentors, investors, accelerators and events has emerged to support these entrepreneurs and their companies. Yet, the allure of the Bay Area still beckons companies to move north.


In this very unique program, we will bring together local and SF-based entrepreneurs to discuss the resources in their startup communities that made a difference in building their companies. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in a dialogue with the speakers and ask questions about how to build a successful company in Southern California.


This program is designed for entrepreneurs, VCs, angel investors, advisors, strategic partners, service professionals and vendors in the startup community.


Key Questions we will seek to answer are:

Do you need to relocate to the Bay Area to raise money?

Can you access the Bay Area’s benefits while remaining in Southern California?

What resources are unique to Southern California that startups can access today?

What has worked and what hasn’t for SF’s startup community and how can we apply those lessons here?


For more information:

Where Should You Build Your Startup – January 11, Caltech Entrepreneurs Forum