Anderson EA chats with BeyondCurious Cofounders

UCLA Anderson School of Management Entrepreneur Association cordially invites you to attend a chat with Nikki Barua (Cofounder & CEO) and Vishal Agarwal (Cofounder & CTO) of Los Angeles-based startup BeyondCurious, on Tuesday, May 21st at 5 pm in C315 Anderson Entrepreneur’s Hall.

Nikki and Vishal will discuss how to avoid outside funding and retain control of your organization’s destiny, and how BeyondCurious took a unique approach to organizational pivots as a means to self-fund and dictate its products vision.

BeyondCurious is also looking for interns and will discuss opportunities at the firm this summer. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with a growing LA-based startup, which also employs FEMBA Max Goldman.

Please RSVP for the event on Tuesday, May 21st at 5 pm, FOOD will be served:

About the speakers:

Nikki Barua (Cofounder & CEO): Strategist and Client Advisor for Fortune 500 companies, Nikki has a history of transforming businesses bringing a potent combination of entrepreneurial drive to break new ground with the patience and discipline to get to the finish line. Formerly with SapientNitro, Nikki established strategic partnerships with leading brands such as Toyota, Disney, Nike, Yahoo, Activision, Adobe and Hawaiian Airlines. She is deeply passionate about innovation and the commercial success of ideas. As CEO, her vision is to create impact in the world by empowering people through digital solutions.

Vishal Agarwal (Cofounder & CTO): Vishal is a seasoned technology leader who brings over 17 years of experience in the digital marketing and commerce space. With a track record of solving complex challenges for some of the biggest brands, he is passionate about digital innovation that transforms brands and businesses. Formerly with SapientNitro, Vishal established the emerging technologies practice in the western region and led the development of award winning experiences for renowned brands such as Toyota, GoPro, Disney, Yahoo, Harrah’s, Adidas, and more. A resident of Silicon Valley, Vishal brings extensive relationships with tech start-ups and established high-tech companies. A trusted advisor to both big brands and small startups, he strongly believes in the creation of a network of alliances that collaborate in a symbiotic ecosystem.

BeyondCurious is a digital innovation company that creates next generation experiences that transform the way we learn, shop, connect and collaborate. We are on a mission to work with brands and people who share a bigger view of the opportunities we have as individuals and the kind of mark we leave. Learn more at